118, Princep Street,Kolkata-700072, India

Principal's Message

God has blessed us in abundance with the gift of Life, natural
resources, and a discerning mind to live in harmony with
mankind and nature.

Socio-political issues such as Gender violence, economic instability and increasing discrimination based on caste, community and religion has led to a fragmented and bleeding community. There is a dearth of volunteers who are willing to take up this responsibility of healing our world and becoming Stewards in His creation.

At CGHS, we have been striving tirelessly for the past 164 years to inculcate in our students the true sense of Universal brotherhood and tolerance towards humanity. It is our endeavour to help our students to take up the challenges and have the courage to stand for truth, honesty and to enlighten the world in their own small limited capacity.

As the world remains silent to the question

'Who will enlighten the world',

may our students commit to shoulder this responsibility within their limited capacity in line with the words of our Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore :

কে লইবে মোর কার্য , কহে সন্ধ্যারবি।
শুনিয়া জগৎ রহে নিরুন্তর ছবি।
মাটির প্রদীপ ছিল , সে কহিল স্বামী,
আমার যেটুকু সাধ্য করিব তা আমি।
Mrs Basanti Biswas
( Principal & Secretary, Calcutta Girls' High School )